To avoid getting stuck in my own head trying to think of an entire month of themes for photos I'm following on from Ashley Baxter's idea of doing a weekly challenge that is just its own thing and not linked to anything else.

Over the coming weeks there will be a new theme each Monday to challenge your week a give you something to capture with your cameras. These will be their own isolated challenges for you to try before next week.

To start, Cat's Eyes. These could be of your own feline companion, or a local cat you see out and about while walking or some set up to mimic the look of them.

One of the most scenic roads in Dorset, near Badbury Rings and lined with trees.  Beautiful at any time of the year, however moreso, when the trees are in full blossom with leaves.
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Your idea may not be to capture an Animal on replicate an animal. For photographers in the UK. They are also the reflective lights you find seperating lanes on roads or indicating hazards on roads and some night time photography could.

Take your time taking photos, set them up and play around with lighting, lens if you've got them. The point is to have fun and enjoy taking photos.

As always share your photos with #shutterclub and tag us on Twitter and Instagram!