Hi! I'm Alex and I currently have a Pixel 2 and a Canon 40D and I have a problem.

The problem is I don't take anywhere near enough photos with either of them. I always have my phone on me and I very rarely take photos. When I do I'm always amazed at what I've been able to capture. It gets even better when my Pixel does its thing and processes the image:

Photo of the City of London Skyline
The City, London, Feb '19

My Canon comes out even less and I constantly find myself missing moments when I should have had it with me. Currently those missed moments tend to be family events or holidays.

Shutter Club is here to give me and anyone else inspiration to go out with their camera and use them.

Each month there will be a theme and each week within that month will be a sort of sub-theme and I'm challenging you to go out there and capture images that fit them, simple!