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Let's be Social

The social media accounts for shutter club are slowly coming online. If you're on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram you can follow the club there!
Let's be Social

When I tweeted out that I'd launched Shutter Club I was still in the process of setting up everything that goes along with it; namely the social accounts.

I wasn't expecting the reaction and support I recieved in the last 24 hours so I'm a little behind on various little bits and pieces that will go along with this site.

I'm catching up so if you're on the following social media platforms give the Shutter Club accounts a follow!


If you're on twitter you can now follow @shutterclub_co tweets will go out when new new content is released or when something related to the club that doesn't require an entire post/page/etc needs to be said.


If you're on Facebook you can Like and Follow Shutter Club too. My idea for the Facebook page is to be used more as a forum to share ideas, etc between us (unless people would like a real forum instead?)


If you're on instagram (if you're not are you really a photographer? 😜) then highlights will appear @shutterclubco